Wendy’s is approached on a daily basis for donations for community events. Our donations are focused through youth soccer, mountain resort safety helmets and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. When possible, we support community groups by supplying Frosty coupons provided the following criteria are met:

  • Not for profit organization
  • Youth oriented
  • No other direct competitors participating (Tim Horton’s, Dairy Queen, Burger King, McDonald’s, etc)
  • Local events. Our coupons are valid only in Kelowna, Kamloops, Vernon, Penticton & Salmon Arm. As a result supplying coupons for people who live outside of the area can be disappointing for participants.

We also make large Wendy’s coolers and cups available for community events such as the Terry Fox Run.

If you would like to request Frosty coupons or coolers and cups for your event, please submit your request below:

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Wendy's Cooler and Cups